Milan has become one of our favorite city destinations to visit in Italy. During our visit to Milan, we spend only four days exploring the city as a family, and it certainly wasn’t enough to capture all the experiences Milan has to offer.

There are many things to do in Milan with kids, including touring the Duomo Cathedral from top to bottom and the Duomo Museum. There’s also no trip to Italy without learning how to make a Neapolitan pizza, and exploring da Vinci’s vineyard and Sempioano Park.


We capture our memories of Milan with our smartphones. We hope these photos inspire you to visit Milan with kids and experience this city.

12 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Milan with Kids

Views from the Top

Airplane view of the Alps
View of the Alps on our way to Milan from Germany

Views from the top are always sweet! As a travel mom, I’m used to giving up my window seat to my daughter during our airplane trips. I have to give credit where credit is due as our first photo for our Milan visit was taken by my 8-year-old daughter. She’s been working on her rule of thirds during her photography journey. She’s doing nicely!

Architecture Views from the Duomo Cathedral Rooftop

Duomo Rooftop Views
Duomo Cathedral Rooftop

Our second day in Milan took us on a self-guided tour of the Duomo Cathedral starting with the rooftop via the lift. We advise exploring the Duomo as soon as they open to avoid the lines, especially when not many people can fit in the lift!

One of the many sculptures at the Duomo Cathedral

Duomo Rooftop Sculpture
Duomo Rooftop Sculpture

We set out to explore the rooftop and its many sculptures throughout. There are two guided tours available with kids in mind called “Let’s Climb the Duomo” and “Treasure Hunting among the Spires” which makes it fun for the kids. We did our own self-guided and searched among the sculptures for the tennis rackets, boxing gloves, and the artichoke. We didn’t find them all during our visit, but maybe next time!

Never-ending Duomo Cathedral Architecture

Duomo Architecture
Duomo Architecture

The architecture of the Duomo Cathedral is intricate and never-ending!

Inside the Duomo Cathedral

Duomo Cathedral
Duomo Cathedral

Inside the Duomo Cathedral, we paid our respects and kept our voices down to a whisper as we made our way through the halls. The artwork and sculptures were impressive and their size was unbelievable.

Exploring the grounds of the Sforzesco Castle

Sforzesco Castle
Sforzesco Castle

We explored the Sforzesco Castle in Milan on our first day upon arrival. The grounds are massive and worth exploring during a visit.

When in Italy, Eat Gelato

Gelato in Milan
Gelato in Milan

You can find Gelato almost anywhere in Milan and it’s always delicious and refreshing. Did you know you only need three ingredients to make basic Gelato? You need powdered sugar, milk, and heavy cream.

Mix all the ingredients together then add them to an ice cream maker or put them in the fridge for a few hours. You might need to mix the gelato while in the fridge from time to time to avoid crystals forming. You can enjoy the Gelato with any toppings that you would like, it’s that easy!

Entrance to the da Vinci’s Vineyard

da Vinci Vineyard
da Vinci Vineyard

Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard is located right across the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent where “The Last Supper” is located. The vineyard was a gift to da Vinci from the Duke of Milan while da Vinci worked on the Last Supper painting.

Courtyard of the Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard

da Vinci's Home

The courtyard is at the entrance of da Vinci’s vineyard where we did an audio-guided tour. Fun fact: There are residents who live in the apartments in this courtyard.

Exploring the Courtyard

Da Vinci's Home
da Vinci’s Home

The courtyard had some artwork within its walls. Some of them gave the illusion of being real things, such as the door next to the sculpture.

Sculpture in the da Vinci’s Vineyard

da Vinci's Vineyard Sculptures
Vineyard Sculptures

There were some sculptures in the vineyard area that have been taken over by nature. Right behind was the vineyard that must have been recently harvested.

Walking around the Sempione Park

Milan Park
Sempione Park in Milan

Sempione Park in Milan is massive and it could take a family a full day to explore. It’s about 38.6 hectares and it houses Sforza Castle, the Arch of Peace, Torre Branca, and an aquarium.

Have you ever been to Milan with the family? Tell us about it in the comments!